Norbert Freudenstein

"You have to enjoy doing something good for people".

Norbert Freudenstein has always had the hotel business in his blood. His grandparents and great-grandparents already owned a restaurant on Salzstraße in Kassel.

"The coachmen still parked their carriages in front and had a place to stay in the restaurant. Of course, this was no 'nouvelle cuisine', but the people were well fed. After the meal, the table was folded up and bales of straw were laid down. The 'subordinates' of the gentlemen then slept on them, while the latter were given their own rooms."

Thus, Norbert Freudenstein became acquainted with the know-how of the hospitality industry at an early age. But his path initially led him in a completely different direction: He wanted to become an electrical engineer.

"As a youngster, I only ever saw the downside of the hotel business and thought to myself, 'No, Norbert, you don't do that'. I always had ambition. But I thought, even if I work 12 hours through as an employee, after that I can go home to my family and don't have to worry about banks, personnel or investments."

Over time, friends and acquaintances got Norbert Freudenstein interested in the hotel industry. And at the hotel management school, he promptly met his current wife Angela - "Thank God," he notes with a smile. Perhaps also due to the fresh wind of his new love, Norbert Freudenstein succeeded in training as a hotel manager. But after a few jobs, dissatisfaction set in.

At 24, the decision was made and Angela and Norbert opened a small restaurant. But that wasn't enough for the two of them. They took over various leases, including a restaurant in the Odenwald with 120 seats and a few guest rooms.

"There was absolutely no winter business. In the summer you could make money and in the winter you embroidered tapestry. That was not my world ."

In 1984, a promising offer was made to him - the Immenhof in Maikammer. Now Norbert Freudenstein had to take a real financial risk. But today we can see that it was worth it.

"Back then, I told every trainee: If you want to be successful in the hotel industry, it's not enough to enjoy people. You also have to enjoy doing something good for people. You must always think that people want cordiality, they want ambience and enjoyment. They want flair and liveliness in a hotel. And I've always considered that the greatest thing about my job."

Big mouth, much behind it

"I soon realized that being a hotel clerk might not be my thing after all. I think I have too big a mouth for that (laughs). So I thought I'd just have to take the risk of self-employment." (Norbert Freudenstein)

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A beautiful, well-maintained and clean hotel with a family atmosphere. The staff is very helpful and friendly, you immediately felt comfortable - like home. The breakfast is delicious and extensive, the food in the restaurant very tasty. Ideal for a trip through the Palatinate.

Family business with heart, charm and style - mega delicious breakfast and excellent dinner. It's all about the little things and they are just right here. Great sauna area and good pool. The wellness program with Mrs. Strobel was also great!

Great wedding anniversary weekend! The wedding day offer has fully met our expectations. The special care for our day was really very commendable. We felt absolutely comfortable for the 3 days. The staff was courteous, the service without complaint. Also the culinary offer was again excellent. Many thanks to the entire Immenhof team!

Celebration with colleagues - Very friendly and helpful staff. Very attentive and competent service - especially the dinner staff. Excellent food with good and appropriate wine recommendations. Beautiful, clean and spacious rooms. Unfortunately there was no time for the beautiful wellness area. Will certainly come again.

Recommended hotel in a good location - We stayed at the hotel for a weekend and had a pleasant stay. There was a good breakfast - with champagne and salmon on Sundays. Dinner on the beautiful terrace was also delicious. With the Pfalzcard you could use the nearby beautiful outdoor pool for free.

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