Jennifer Arar-Freudenstein

"It can come what will, the family stands".

Jenny Arar-Freudenstein has been prepared for the hotel business since she could see and hear. Even the children's birthday parties at Hotel Immenhof were highlights in her circle of friends. And she also got involved in her parents' business at a very early age.

"The other day, we had guests who told me how I once came to their table. I gave them my pad and a pen and asked them to write down what they would like. I couldn't write yet. Practically our entire family life took place here. And when there was trouble, we went into the office and closed the door."

Back then, she also learned to put on a friendly face when the office door opened again, even after heated discussions. And she also got a lot of other insights into the hotel business - especially when she had done something stupid and her parents grounded her.

After 10th grade, she completed her hotel management apprenticeship at Immenhof. After all, why go far when the good things are so close? The answer came promptly after she graduated. Since her English skills left a lot to be desired at that time, she convinced her parents to move to New York, USA, for six months to gain experience and learn English. It was a very formative time for the 18-year-old.

"I lived with two older women who took me right to their hearts. My school was just a few blocks from Times Square. Of course, that was a very special time. The first time away from parents, a foreign language and just a completely different world. But the time made me grow up a lot."

After her return, she gained further experience at the Lindner Hotel & Spa Binshof in Speyer. There, her skills at the reception desk were developed and in the end she was even offered the management of the same.

"It was a chain hotel, where I learned how reception work works, but more importantly, what doesn't work at all and that a chain hotel is very different from a family hotel like Immenhof."

Jenny was able to gain further experience at Schlosshotel Lerbach. There she worked in the areas of reservations and revenue management. Therefore, when Jenny returned to the Immenhof, she was already well prepared for her future tasks.

However, her mother Angela suggested that she continue her education. At the hotel management school in Heidelberg, she then quickly earned her hotel master's degree. There, she also learned the ins and outs of a school where she mainly deals with restaurateurs.

"There's no better company to really party with (laughs). That's where the best parties ever went."

And Jenny had a lot of catching up to do. Because she had started her apprenticeship quite early and often worked the late shift, there wasn't much partying possible when she was young. So she took part in every event in Heidelberg that she could. And along the way, of course, she also deepened her knowledge and skills in the hotel business.

With her master's degree in her pocket and back at Immenhof, she took over the management of the wellness area. But even then, the young hotel master said, "If I'm going to do this, I'm going to do it right." So she completed further training in cosmetics, foot care and massage. This enabled her to give the Immenhof's wellness area a personal and professional touch.

In between, Jenny of course married her Oliver and had two wonderful children. And even heavily pregnant, she still took care of her guests. The Immenhof is a family hotel through and through.

Best friends forever

"Our family bond is already very special to me. My sister is my best friend." (Jennifer Arar-Freudenstein)

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A beautiful, well-maintained and clean hotel with a family atmosphere. The staff is very helpful and friendly, you immediately felt comfortable - like home. The breakfast is delicious and extensive, the food in the restaurant very tasty. Ideal for a trip through the Palatinate.

Family business with heart, charm and style - mega delicious breakfast and excellent dinner. It's all about the little things and they are just right here. Great sauna area and good pool. The wellness program with Mrs. Strobel was also great!

Great wedding anniversary weekend! The wedding day offer has fully met our expectations. The special care for our day was really very commendable. We felt absolutely comfortable for the 3 days. The staff was courteous, the service without complaint. Also the culinary offer was again excellent. Many thanks to the entire Immenhof team!

Celebration with colleagues - Very friendly and helpful staff. Very attentive and competent service - especially the dinner staff. Excellent food with good and appropriate wine recommendations. Beautiful, clean and spacious rooms. Unfortunately there was no time for the beautiful wellness area. Will certainly come again.

Recommended hotel in a good location - We stayed at the hotel for a weekend and had a pleasant stay. There was a good breakfast - with champagne and salmon on Sundays. Dinner on the beautiful terrace was also delicious. With the Pfalzcard you could use the nearby beautiful outdoor pool for free.

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